Castle watching The Wives Of Wall Street

Castle watching a marathon of a show is the perfect representation of what is like to watch a Castle marathon.

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2x05 / 4x11 / 6x05

"Well, who knows Castle, maybe third time’s the charm"

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Beckett listening to Castle’s theorizing

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That moment when he realizes that she was alone during the summer and he had left her there…

I just got legitimately saddened by this. Very sad.

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"To KB - 
The stars above us, the world at our feet.”

- Richard Castle, Raging Heat dedication

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Katherine Beckett + hugs.

Katherine Beckett hugs.

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Castle 2x18 - “Boom!” | Deleted Scene ( x )

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Objects + JewelryCastle Theme Party | Challenge #4

Objects + Jewelry
Castle Theme Party | Challenge #4

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